Weather Talk: Late spring snow is always a bummer

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Snowfall is spring is usually not very popular with the masses, but it happens anyway here in the north, whether we want it to or not. When snow falls at the very end of April or any time in May, it usually falls on green grass and is, without question, a downer.

In three of the last nine years, measurable snow fell on Fargo-Moorhead during the last week of April. In 2017, 2.2 inches of snow fell April 26.

In 2013, a light 0.3 inches fell April 24, but it fell onto the last of the winter snow that had not yet melted away — a rare case of a late April snow not falling on green grass.

Back in 2011, it snowed 0.6 inches just before midnight April 30, and that snow remained on the ground most of May 1 that year. The last snow to actually fall in May was in 2005, when a slushy 0.2 inches fell May 1.

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