Weather Talk: Smiley face in the sky is another fake science report

It's another one of those fake news science pieces.

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Whether or not the sky is clear tonight, there will not be a conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon to make a huge smiley face in the sky tonight.

To what is this referring? This is another one of those fake news science pieces that all-too-frequently pop up in social media and get passed around between friends as well as strangers as something really cool, except that it is totally made up.

It is hard to imagine the motivation behind the people who start these fake science stories. Fake political news, however evil it may be, at least has the obvious purpose of persuading naive voters. The distribution of fake science has no obvious purpose except to further dumb down our society. So if the sky clears tonight, go out and look at it. The night sky is beautiful, but you'll need a vivid imagination to see a smiley face made by celestial bodies in apparent proximity.

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