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Weather Talk: Want more snow? Go to Caribou, Maine

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So, you thought we had a hard winter.

This winter the city of Caribou, Maine, broke its record for continuous snow cover at 164 days. At least an inch of snow was on the ground from Nov. 9 through last Monday, breaking the record by nine days. The National Weather Service in Caribou reported 164.7 inches of snow this winter, just under 14 feet.

In early March, before it started melting, the average snow depth was 45 inches and that snow had a measured water content of more than 14 inches.

Winter temperatures in Caribou are not as quite cold as here in Fargo-Moorhead, and Caribou is a lot less windy. But consider that the Fargo-Moorhead record for continuous snow cover is 153 days set in the winter of 1978-79, and our average snow depth record is 32 inches set March 4, 1997.

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