WeatherTalk: How rare is it to have triple-digit temps and humidity in June?

It was 100 degrees, windy and humid on this day in 1995.

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FARGO — Temperatures approaching and even exceeding 100 degrees are expected Sunday, accompanied by gusty southerly winds and humidity. This weather will prompt many people to exclaim they cannot remember it being this hot, or this hot in June, or this hot with humidity at the same time, or something about not having experienced this weather before.

The fact is, this sort of weather in our region is not all that unusual, it's just that summer only happens once a year, and if there is a set of weather conditions that happens only once every few summers and only lasts for a day or two, then it becomes easy to forget the last time it happened. We had weather in the 100s last June, but it was not at all humid. We had weather this hot and humid in 2012 and 2006. It was 100 degrees, windy, and humid on this day in 1995.

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John Wheeler is Chief Meteorologist for WDAY, a position he has had since May of 1985. Wheeler grew up in the South, in Louisiana and Alabama, and cites his family's move to the Midwest as important to developing his fascination with weather and climate. Wheeler lived in Wisconsin and Iowa as a teenager. He attended Iowa State University and achieved a B.S. degree in Meteorology in 1984. Wheeler worked about a year at WOI-TV in central Iowa before moving to Fargo and WDAY..
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