WeatherTalk: Think 100 degrees is hot? Try 110!

Fargo Moorhead has hit 110 degrees or higher only three times.

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For the period of record, 1881 to present, the temperature in Fargo-Moorhead has hit 110 degrees or higher only three times. Two of those times were during the most intense heat wave recorded in this region. For fifteen straight days — July 4-18, 1936 — the high temperatures were at or above 90 degrees. Nine of those days were over 100 degrees. On July 6 and July 10, the temperature reached 114 and 110 degrees.

The other 110-degree day occurred during the summer of 1917. Unlike in 1936, the summer of 1917 was not hot overall. Nevertheless, mixed in with a mostly cool summer was a brief, intense heat wave when 11 out of 13 days in late July had highs in the 90s. July 28 topped out at 110 degrees, tied for the second warmest day on record in Fargo-Moorhead. In recorded history since 1893, the hottest temperature in Grand Forks was 109 degrees in 1936.

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