WeatherTalk: Warm days in April almost offset the cool days

Fargo and Grand Forks both had near-average number of days of at least 70 degrees.


It is warm today. Good timing for May Day. However, this is not the first time this year with a spring quality to the day for at least a few hours in the afternoon. Both Fargo and Grand Forks had days with temperatures of at least 70 degrees on four days in April. Grand Forks first reached 70 April 2 and then followed that with two more days at 70 on the 3rd and 5th. Last Wednesday was another warm afternoon at 72 degrees. Fargo first reached 70 April 3, when it hit 72 degrees. It was 71 on the 3rd and 72 on the 4th. Last Wednesday was the fourth time with a high temperature of 73 degrees.

Much of the month in between these two warm spells was fairly cool, which brought the average April temperature to slightly cooler than average. However, over the period of record, Fargo averages four days of at least 70 degrees in April and Grand Forks averages three.

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