WEST FARGO — MoneyGeek has named West Fargo the safest city with a population between 30,000 to 100,000 in North Dakota.

To test the theory that small cities and towns are the safest places in America, MoneyGeek analyzed crime statistics by quantifying the cost of crime and ranking small cities and towns nationwide and in every state. This analysis followed MoneyGeek’s previous ranking of the safest large cities in America.

More than 50 million Americans living in small cities and towns — those with 30,000 to 100,000 residents — enjoy greater safety, according to our data. But some small cities are as unsafe as larger ones, suggesting that factors beyond population size and density are at play.

In addition to direct costs from loss of property, services for victims and policing and corrections, residents of higher-crime locales often pay higher rates on car insurance and homeowners and renters insurance insurance.

To quantify the cost of crime in smaller cities and towns, MoneyGeek analyzed crime data and calculated the cost of crime across the country, including data on violent crimes such as murder, rape and aggravated assault, and on property crimes such as burglaries and car theft. Though property crimes are much more common, violent crimes are more costly.

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MoneyGeek analyzed crime statistics and quantified the cost of those crimes to identify the safest and least safe small cities and towns. Most of the safest small cities and towns in America are in the Northeast, with the top two in Massachusetts and six of the top ten in New York or New Jersey. The least safe towns are more distributed, with Gary, Ind., atop the list.