WEST FARGO — While police investigating a West Fargo teacher will not say what the investigation pertains to, they have assured West Fargo Public Schools it is not related to his position or students.

Ronald Thompson submitted a letter of resignation effective immediately on Tuesday, Feb. 2, after police secured a search warrant for his property.

The short resignation letter appears to be quickly scrawled onto a piece of paper. It reads, "I Ron Thompson resign immediately as of February 2nd," followed by his signature and the date.

Thompson was a teacher in the Career and Technology Education department and served as an advisor for the Technology Student Association.

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The Forum obtained his personnel record from the school district, which included no complaints or disciplinary actions against him since he was hired by West Fargo Public Schools in 2011 as a business teacher after substitute teaching in Fargo and working for a local automotive business.

Comments from administration in Thompson's file reveal a clean record within the school district. He is known for greeting students by name at the door every day, shaking their hands on the way into class. One comment thanked him for his performance, calling it "refreshing to see." He is particularly active in extracurricular sports activities.

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, West Fargo School District Spokeswoman Heather Leas released an update sent to families and staff that said Thompson chose to submit his resignation after meeting with the West Fargo Police Department on Feb. 2.

"When the West Fargo Police Department contacted West Fargo Public Schools to serve a warrant to Mr. Thompson on Feb. 2, they shared that they had no indication that what they were investigating was connected to the school district," Leas said. "In a follow-up meeting that occurred this morning (Feb. 9) between the police department and school district, we were once again reassured that their investigation has not uncovered any connections to West Fargo Public Schools."

Superintendent Beth Slette has said families were not notified en masse about Thompson's resignation because there is apparently no connection to the school district.

"If a connection is discovered during the investigation, the district will work with the police department to notify families and staff," Leas said. "Unless that were to occur, this is a matter not within the scope of the district’s authority to speak to. Where the district is concerned, this is a personnel matter; that, coupled with law enforcement's open investigation, is why we are unable to comment further at this time."

The school board accepted Thompson's resignation without discussion as part of their consent agenda at a regular board meeting Monday, Feb. 8.